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This is our 2nd year of putting our Values Into Action by collecting funds to cover public school lunchroom debt. Many children have fallen out of the Free Lunch bracket due to shifting income requirements, and are in need of relief. Proper nutrition and nourishment is essential to the young developing body and mind.
We donate anonymously --- no politicization of our schools, no photo ops or even announcements in our local papers.  

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Cooke County Democrats

We support:

  • A living wage for all Americans
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • A clean environment, with clean air and water for current and future generations, and the pursuit of clean energy
  • Equal Rights and Justice for All
  • Quality Public Education

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Our meetings are on the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM

  • All are welcome!  We invite all who want a better tomorrow!

Monthly Meetings are at 1100 Lawrence Street, Gainesville, TX

The location is 2 blocks south of Home Depot (inside the main building at Pecan Creek Village)

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1100 Lawrence St, Gainesville, Texas 76240, United States